Our business depends on a steady, high-quality supply of agricultural crops like cocoa, coffee, wheat and many other commodities to create our delicious snacks. As our business grows, so do the challenges facing the farmers who grow our agricultural supplies. We also know that the majority of our environmental impact is in agriculture. So we're making significant long-term investments to help secure our supply of key agricultural commodities – because it's important for our business, helps the environment and it can make agriculture a more attractive profession for future generations of farming families.

To reduce our environmental footprints by 2015, we set the following goals:

- Cut our energy and water use in manufacturing by 15%
- Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and waste from manufacturing by 15%
- Make 60% of our production in Zero Waste to Landfill sites
- Eliminate 50 million pounds (22,500 tons) of packaging material

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