As the world’s largest snack company, we know we have a critical role to play in empowering consumers to snack mindfully. Our approach is to create foods that fit the way people eat today - to bring joy to those small eating moments.

By offering Better Choices, portion control options and clearer information, along with supporting community lifestyle programs, we’re empowering people to snack mindfully.  Helping them make better decisions when it comes to their well-being.

We’ve heard from our consumers and other stakeholders. And we’re taking action and have established global nutrition targets. We’re making changes in our products to help people manage their calories; to reduce sodium and saturated fat intake; and increase their whole grains.

Specifically, by 2020 our goals are to:

- Grow our better choice products to 25% of our revenue
- Reduce sodium and saturated fat by 10%
- Increase whole grains by 25%
- Expand our portion control options (200 calories or less) by 25%
- Place calorie labeling front of pack on all relevant products globally by the end of 2016