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Through brands like Tassimo, Jacobs, Carte Noire, Kenco, Gevalia and many more, our coffee brings joy to millions of coffee drinkers around the world. But we think we can do even more. We believe that coffee grown with joy is more of a joy to drink.

Today, 25 million smallholders produce 80% of the world’s coffee.1 But many of them find it hard to make a good living from their work. This is due to a range of challenges, from lack of skills to improve productivity and profitability to poor infrastructure and the impacts of climate change.

As a result, many older farmers are replacing coffee with other crops and many young people are looking for more rewarding careers. With global coffee consumption growing by 2.5% every year since 20002, the future supply of good quality, affordable coffee faces a big challenge.

Meet Coffee Made HappyCoffee Made Happy

As the world’s second-largest coffee company3, we know we can help overcome this challenge.

Coffee Made Happy is our ambitious plan to create one million coffee entrepreneurs by 2020. To cover most of our sourcing of coffee. To achieve this mission, we’re investing a minimum of $200 million in giving coffee farmers the skills they need to run profitable, sustainable and innovative businesses, as well as the access to infrastructures and resources to be better connected to markets and to prosperous communities.

What do we mean by 'skills' and 'access'?

Skills - We’ll work with partners to provide farmers with skills in sustainable agricultural practice, business management and innovation. We’ll support them to look after of their land, to allow them to run profitable, sustainable and innovative businesses for many years to come.

How will we measure success?
Farmer net income increase

Access - We’ll work with partners to provide farmers with better access to markets, resources and infrastructure. So they can run businesses that are better connected to markets and to prosperous, healthy communities.

How will we measure success?
Supported Households have an increased confidence in the future.

For example, here is what we have recently developed in Vietnam.

What do we mean by ‘profitable, sustainable and respected’?

Profitable - Farmers will have the expertise and market connections to innovate and manage their businesses. 

Sustainable - Farmers will understand how to use resources responsibly and efficiently, and look after their land.

Respected - Farmers will be skilled, educated and recognised for their contribution to the community.

A huge leap forwardMeet Coffee Made Happy

Coffee Made HappyCaring about where our coffee comes from and how it’s grown isn’t a new thing for us. We are the largest buyer of coffee from Rain Forest Alliance Certified™ farms in the world.4 Our plan is to have 100% certified or verified sustainable coffee for our European brands by 2015.5 This is not enough: as pioneers in our industry, it’s only right that we reach further, raising the status of coffee farming and attracting younger generations back to the industry.

Coffee Made Happy

We’ll report regularly on progress against our goal. 

“Coffee Made Happy is a bold approach, but we think it’s achievable. We don’t profess to have all the answers, but we believe it takes vision and leadership to set your destination farther than you can actually see down the road. We are determined to be brave enough to do this.”

 - Hubert Weber, Executive Vice President and President, Europe, Mondelēz International

Because Coffee Made Happy will help secure a sustainable supply of coffee to meet growing demand, it’s right for farmers and for our business. And because coffee grown with joy is more of a joy to drink, it’s right for consumers too.

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[5] Our coffee will meet at least the standard set by the 4C Code of Conduct
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