The Three Snacking Needs

Needs Treat Fuel Boost

The deep understanding we developed through our conversations with thousands of consumers goes beyond how we snack, to why. From the stories and thoughts people shared with us, we gained intriguing insights into snacking behaviour. What came through loud and clear is that there are three different and very valid reasons for snacking rather than sticking to a rigid structure of eating three full meals a day.

We call them the three snacking needs: fuel, treat and boost. Click on the image to learn more

Treat: Chocolate, biscuits, gum and candy can lift our mood, giving us a moment of pleasure. We might feel we deserve a reward at the end of a difficult day and that a treat such as a piece of Cadbury or Milka chocolate, an Oreo biscuit or a stick of Trident Twist gum is just what we need to put a smile on our face.

Fuel: We often rely on foods like bread, yoghurt, fruit and cereal bars to help keep up our energy levels and give us nutritional benefits, perhaps after skipping breakfast or lunch on a busy day. Fuelling foods like belVita Breakfast biscuits or a cracker spread with creamy Philadelphia cream cheese help us feel recharged, filling us up and keeping us going.

Boost: We tend to look to other kinds of products - like coffee or energy bars - when we want to give ourselves a much-needed boost. Maybe before a meeting or a race. This is when a cup of Jacobs, Kenco or Carte Noire coffee can help wake us up, or change up a gear, at a particular moment in our day.

Did you know?

  • To have a moment of pleasure, a treat, is the top reason for snacking
  • 40% of all snacks are eaten to keep us going
  • 15% of snacking is about needing an instant boost
  • Snacking to keep energy levels up happens most in Germany and Spain
  • People in France drink most when they snack
  • The country with the biggest need for a chocolate treat is the UK