Snacking And A Healthy Balanced Diet

For many people, eating and drinking small amounts frequently throughout the day is part of a modern healthy lifestyle, a way they say helps keep both mind and body energised. We too believe that snacking can contribute to health and wellbeing, providing a flexible source of essential nutrients and energy. What's essential is to have a good overall balanced diet - and all foods can play a role in this.

Essential nutrients

According to many diet and nutrition experts, snacking can provide people with as many of the ingredients they need to stay healthy as eating three large meals. Research too shows that small eating moments can make a valuable contribution to overall nutrient intake. In fact, when we choose a certain snack, we are being instinctive about providing our body with the right solution for the situation.

Modern diet

Some people say that snacking is connected to weight gain because it represents extra calories over and above those in main meals. Other experts say snacking is part of our modern diet and lifestyle and doesn’t have to lead to piling on the pounds. Of course, any eating pattern can have an impact on weight and nutrition, which is why we're dedicated to making the foods people love even better and to promoting balanced snacking and healthy lifestyles.

Delicious options

We've long been focused on finding ways to improve the nutrition of our products. And we'll continue to invest in health and wellness, producing snacks with healthier ingredients and new formulations. But consumers are also looking for delight and joy from their foods - and we'll make sure we continue to provide them with options that taste delicious too.

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Low fat Philly


We have developed a range of Philadelphia options to meet consumers' needs for healthier choices, from Classic to Light and Extra Light, with the latter containing just 3% fat."

'Dirk Jacobs, Deputy Director, Consumer Information, Diet and Health, Food Drink Europe

'From a nutritional point of view, snacking as part of a healthy and balanced diet may deliver health benefits by helping consumers to maintain constant blood sugar levels throughout the day and prevent nutrition imbalances'

Dr Clare Leonard, Director, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs and Nutrition, Mondelez Europe

'The body needs more than 40 different nutrients to function and stay healthy. These requirements have been known for hundreds of years, but what has changed is the way consumers get these nutrients, as has the range of foods they can choose from to provide a balanced diet.'